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Kanna Microdose: Happiness & Joy Tonic

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About Kanna:

Kanna has been used originally as part of traditional practices in South Africa's first people for an herbal remedy and natural mood booster.  Also, it was originally consumed as a pinch of ground-up fermented plant matter and held under the tongue or chewed before swallowing. 

Today, it is taken by tea, extracts and supplements used for its euphoric and anxiety-reducing properties as an alternative to party drugs.

Kanna naturally bolsters serotonin reuptake and strengthens the mechanisms of attention and memory, effectively reducing stress, boosting mood, and promoting cognitive function in the brain.  It can even have the potential to treat early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

In terms of using kanna for drug addition, especially for individuals that had a history of substance dependence or abuse, it is not recommended as this can further drug-seeking behavior.  Overdosing kanna can actually increase anxiety along with stomach pains.  Combining this remedy with other MAO inhibitors, MDMA, 5HTP, and/or SSRI antidepressants can rapidly increase your serotonin levels and lead to fever, shivering, elevated heart rate, or even death in severe cases.  More research is needed to understand the risks of long-term use.  


Organic Kanna (Sceletium Tortuosum) infused in 80 proof Vodka


One-half dropper under the tongue, twice daily